Our Inspiration

Our founding inspiration and the reason we are dedicated to providing transportation to those in need were beloved family friends, Ella and James. Ella suffered from Glacouma and James' license was revoked after a near fatal car accident. We gave them transportation assistance for 5+years individually.


Bob Carr

Founder & CEO

After retiring as Founder and CEO of Executive Adventure, Bob and his wife founded Common Courtesy, Inc. Bob has extensive work experience in the corporate sector as well as proven entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Anne Carr

Founder & Outreach Coordinator

Anne is a professional photographer who helped found Common Courtesy. She is a long time resident of Atlanta and has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of older adults and those with disabilities.

Zain Durrani

Executive Director

Before joining CommonCourtesy, Inc., Zain managed a similar operation for seven years. At CommonCourtesty Florida, Zain looks to provide transportation for the community so that folks can keep their independence. 
Zain and his wife reside in Orlando, Florida, and he enjoys spending time outside at the golf course, strolling through the amusement parks and cycling. At home, you can frequently find Zain in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.


Aldric Koolman

Travel Logistics Coordinator

Aldric is a fourth-year Industrial Design major at Georgia Tech. He was born in Mobile, Alabama but was raised around the world.

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